Frump That |Thoughts from a breastfeeding mama

Frump That |Thoughts from a breastfeeding mama

Who said moms have to be frumpy? With the sleepless nights, being covered in all sorts of unidentifiable stains and spit up, it’s hard to even think about trying to dress decently, let alone dress up. A shower is a luxury. Quiet time in the bathroom is a treasure. But eventually, you need to go somewhere...

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Shar Styles | Suited for Summer

Oh, the joys of summer. Cool-ish mornings. Warm days and evenings. One of my favorite times of year...for the weather.


I’d definitely have to say I prefer fall fashion, because...layers. But give me pants and a blazer that are cool enough for summer? Sold. 



Paired with a sheer polka dot top, this look is perfect for cool summer evenings or a night out. The double breasted jacket added a vintage twist (y’all know fashion comes full circle) and Vikki rocked it like she always does. I’m curious to know—what’s your favorite season for fashion? 



Pant suit: NA-KD

Top: Forever 21  (Similar here

Shoes: LA Fashion District (Similar here)  

Sunglasses: H&M

Styling and makeup: Sharlendipity  

Photography: Cthrulens