Sharlendipity in AfroElle Magazine

I was honored when I was contacted by Patricia Miswa, Editor-in-Chief of AfroElle Magazine asking that I be featured  in the Anniversary Issue of the magazine.  This magazine is designed to be an "online destination for women of African heritage" and seeks to "encourage, empower, entertain, and elevate woman of African Heritage."

I truly admire the work that Patricia has done and encourage you to take a look at her magazine. We did a short interview that highlighted how Sharlendipity originated and how I became interested in vintage fashion.

Here is a snippet of the interview:

When did you first discover your love for vintage fashion? What was your first vintage clothing purchase? I think the first time that I went thrift shopping was with my mother when I was about 6 or 7. I remember begging her not to buy me clothes from the “second hand” store. However, little did I realize that these little trips to the thrift stores would turn into one of my favorite past times. I began to realize the value of thrift shopping when I became a little older—probably around high school. I saw how much I could obtain for so much less in terms of money. But what really attracted me were the things that I could find from different eras, things I couldn’t find in typical retail stores.

How do you go about collecting vintage clothing? I find the majority of my vintage pieces from thrift stores and consignment shops. I typically will collect a new piece (depending on need or inspiration) on one of my monthly trips.  I have also collected a few things from my mother, who held on to a few of her pieces from when she was younger. Sometimes I will purchase items online at sites such as

You can read the full article and see the latest AfroElle issue by accessing the following link:

Thanks again, Patricia, for this awesome opportunity!