Happy 2019, y’all! I feel like I’ve fallen off for a bit, but the last time I shared on IG, I talked about my “introvert—procrastination—perfectionism” syndrome and how it keeps me stuck sometimes. It tends to hinder my progress and I feel unable to accomplish what might seem to others as easy and quite tangible goals.


I realized that this ‘syndrome’ prevents me at times from sharing my work and my style. I think about what others think, how my style will be perceived and this cycle of thinking really becomes exhausting. So what I’ve tried to do is put that aside and be more of my vulnerable, authentic self.

The older I get, the less I strive for perfection. What is perfection, really? My style isn’t perfect, my body isn’t perfect, but they both tell a story of a journey that is mine. 

That being said, the last few weeks of 2018 I went underground, if that’s what you might call it, and  decided to really hone in and tackle some of the pending projects I’ve had for the year. I was tired of thinking of the progress I hadn’t made, so with about eight weeks left of the year, I did something about it. Did I accomplish all of what I set out to do? No. But, I recognize and celebrate the small steps I took and am happy with what consistency and a little determination did.

Fitness and Health: Last year this time, I reached out to a friend of mine who is a trainer, wanting to shed more weight and feel better about my postpartum body after my little one ((go follow her!). I had dropped all of my pregnancy weight but my body was quite different and my weight was distributed differently, lol. But with my trainer’s help and with the help of a challenge I did starting in November, I did notice a lot of change, but my trainer had to remind me where I started this time last year and I’ve shed 20 pounds since then! I didn’t even realize. As I look back on these photos, however, I’m definitely seeing lots of growth. More on that later.


Writing: Allow me to delve into my nerd side for a moment. :) I’m  a researcher and part of my job is to write grants, conduct research (usually intervention studies), and write. But I’ve had the WORST writing block, and while I’ve been making progress (particularly on one paper), it was soooo slow! But I said 2019 won’t come for me with this draft unfinished. Miraculously, (and it was just that…a true miracle) it all came together on December 31. Guess I just needed a deadline, lol. 🤦🏾‍♀️


I tend not to make New Year’s resolutions, but rather I focus on one word and see the ways in which it is applicable  across the various areas of my life. My word for 2019 is purge. As it relates to fashion and styling, I’m doing a few things:

  1. Purge the fear of sharing.

  2. Not buying anything new for 9-12 months (unless absolutely necessary) but rediscovering what is already in my closet and purging what I don’t wear in that timeframe.

  3. Purging my schedule to allow more time for the things I love. 

So what had you stuck in 2018 and how can you press forward in 2019? What is your word for 2019?


P.S. Styling tip: Make this a winter friendly outfit by adding a crisp oxford/button up underneath the top and/or a blazer over it. Throw on some tights, too! :)


Photographer: Cthru

Makeup and Styling: Sharlendipity

Outfit Details

Top: Thrifted

Pants: Jcrew (Similar here)

Shoes: Aldo

Accessories: Thrifted and found on a recent trip to the Caribbean