Style Feature: Caytostyle

I love working with new people and I'm excited to share another style interview with you all. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet (through a mutual contact), Aneka of 'Caytostyle'. I enjoyed her classic style and just had to share her style with all of my readers. I know you will love reading the interview with this beautiful Jamaican-born enjoying life in the Bahamas.  As always, thanks for stopping by. Enjoy! 

Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your name?

Hi world! My name is Aneka Stewart and I am fun- loving, wanderlust Jamaican living in The Bahamas.

 Where do you live? What do you do?

I live in The Bahamas. I am a manager in a teen nightclub at the Atlantis Resort and I work in retail part-time. I am also a freelance journalist and an amateur photographer.

I'm sorry...Shar interjecting you see the water in this picture? Ugh. So jealous! :) 

 Tell us about your blog, 'Caytostyle'. What was the inspiration behind the name?

My blog was created to express myself and to also give my readers a lot of information about places to go, restaurants to try and style tips. I chose that name because The Bahamas is made up of an archipelago of 700 islands and cays and I am in love with them; especially the ones I’ve visited so it seems fitting. It’s a combination between my love for island life and style.

What are some words you would use to describe your sense of style?

Mmm, good question. I am always stumped on this question because my style changes based on my mood and my environment but I would have to say vibrant, classic and interesting.

How and when did you discover your love for fashion?

I worked in retail since I was in high school in United Colors of Benetton. The brand really suited my personality. It pushed the envelope a little but it was very classic, colorful and interesting. Through learning about clothing and styling there I discovered my taste and style.

Do you incorporate vintage pieces into your wardrobe? Where do you find your vintage pieces? What are some of your favorite shops and websites?

I try to when I can but it’s very hard to find where I live. I used to grab vintage earrings from an antique shop downtown before they closed. ‘Shop the CC’ is also a great go to site for me for vintage and unique pieces. Whenever I travel I always try to find a thrift store to see what I can get my hands on. I am not committed to one store as I try to grab anything I like from all over. So I go to store called Velvet Hanger at home because they ALWAYS have something I can buy and everything else comes from little places around town.

Do you consider your sense of style to be static (remaining constant among the changing trends) or constantly changing?

I think my style is a little bit of both because I am not huge on trends. I hate seeing my twin when I go out. I am more likely to mix trends along with timeless, classic pieces. I also love to build an outfit so I am always mixing old with new; vintage with trendy.

What are some tips that you might have for those looking to find their own personal sense of style?

I would say wear what you feel comfortable in and slowly take your time in trying new things. I have things in my closet today that I never thought I would wear before so embrace the style journey. You learn so much about your taste and even your personality. Also, you don’t have to put on every trend. Sometimes, some things don’t work for everyone.

 Thanks so much for sharing with us, Aneka! To see more of Aneka's style, visit her here.