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Shar Styles | Tam Sam

I had the pleasure to style this beauty for her 10 year wedding anniversary photoshoot and getaway in the beautiful city of Paris.  No, I didn't actually get to go to Paris, sigh, I just enjoyed the thought of it when I saw these awesome shots. 

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From Spring to Summer

Life happens...Milestones, birthdays, papers, projects…sometimes these things can consume my life. Priorities shift. I can get boggled down with stuff and when I look up…time has flown!It’s June…June! Half of 2014 is gone. With all of that being said, I realize that sometimes you have to spend more time focusing on things that may not seem as fun or engaging, but are yet and still important. And that’s okay. I’m learning that occasionally I have to deny myself momentary pleasures for the greater gain. 

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