Introducing the Warby Parker Fall Collection

So my favorite accessory in any of my outfits would have to be my spectacles.  Some might think I have a slight problem :). I'd like to think of it as self-expression. Lol, whatever it is, I love frames.

A few years back I started purchasing glasses online based on the recommendation of one of my friends. The prices are so much more affordable, allowing me and other glasses lovers to have multiple pairs for often less than what it would cost for one pair at more traditional brick and mortar stores. Once I saw the prices online, I've never gone back to traditional retail stores. I purchased my first pair of glasses online from Warby Parker. I must admit, I was extremely impressed by their customer service and EVERY single person I encountered, by phone or email when ordering my glasses, was committed to ensuring that I was completely satisfied with my purchase. I definitely ordered from them again.  Side note...for those who might be hesitant about buying glasses online, Warby Parker has a home try-on program. Within this program, you can select up to five lenses and have them shipped to your home (for free!) for you to try on before you purchase anything. Shipping is free both ways! 

When I was contacted by Warby Parker to blog about their new Fall collection, I was beyond excited and was in disbelief that they contacted me! I loved that they had a variety of frames available in a number of colors, which are versatile enough to be worn by people with different face shapes and complexions.

WP Fall Collection

My favorite glasses would have to be the Annette frames pictured below. They play on the popular tortoise frames but provide a twist that immediately caught my eye (ha!). Although I'm not a fan of pink, they incorporate a hue that I believe will look great on a number of skin tones. When I saw them, I thought, hmm...what kind of fall outfit could I pair with these frames?  I know, I know, we're not there yet but fall means that tights and blazers (my favorite), and it's right around the corner. I created a simple outfit that I think would go great with these frames. Warby has two color options for the Annette frames, both of which would work well with this outfit. 

WP Annette Frames

WP Annette Frames 

There are a ton of other options in the new collection, and I enjoy them all, but I've included a few more of my favorite ones from the collection below.

WP Durand Frames

WP Coley Frames

You should definitely take some time to go and check out their new fall collection and check out all that they have to offer. I was really trying not to buy any glasses for the rest of the year, but Warby is making this a bit hard for me. Anyhow...go! Enjoy them! 

Here are some of my previous posts featuring my favorite Warby's here and here. Thanks so much, Warby Parker, for letting me be a part of the unveiling of your new collection!