Shar Styles | A Tale of Three Friends...

What's life like without friends? Absolutely boring. I got the pleasure to hang out with these three friends and style them for one of the lady's birthday shoots. 

The theme was vintage inspired and we focused on the use of tweed and prints--perfect for fall and winter weather. I'm definitely a blazer gal. Blazers can make the blandest of outfits pop--so when the birthday girl asked for an outfit with a blazer, I was more than excited. All of these blazers were purchased at a thrift store, which is where I generally buy all of my blazers. Fall and winter is the best time to buy because I'm realizing now that thrift stores are changing clothing based on the seasons, similar to traditional retail. That wasn't always the case, I remember being able to find blazers through the late spring. But maybe that's because I lived in the midwest :). 

I hated tights growing up because they were downright itchy and uncomfortable...and for some reason as a girl they never seemed to fit right and were always falling down under my church dresses. I've put the past behind and now love experimenting with different colors and textures. I wanted to do the same thing with these ladies, which I think worked very well with each of their outfits. 

Styling is truly a pastime for me and styling these friends was nothing but a pleasure. Hope you enjoyed! 

Outfit Details

A majority if not all pieces were thrifted. Most items were purchased from: 

Second Avenue Thrift Stores:

Online Shopping (this site has a lot of vintage inspired pieces) 

Style We:

Photographer: cthrulens

Stylist: Sharlendipity