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Shar Styles | Natasha

As my style evolves and I take on a more minimalistic approach to my wardrobe, my goal is to find pieces that have a vintage appeal and that can be worn multiple ways. 

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Shar Styles | Ayanna C.

As I look back over 2015, I can't believe how quickly it has passed. Just like that the holiday festivities have ended. So as we enter a New Year, a new phase in life, I wanted to share some styling sessions that I have in my archives from 2015 over the next couple of weeks. The first beauty I'd like to showcase is Ayanna. I've had the opportunity to "mentor" her as she has matriculatedthrough her journey of becoming a speech-language pathologist. Always feels great to give back.

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Colorful, falling leaves. Crisp air. Sometimes warm, sometimes brisk. All things I love about fall. But more than that...what I love most of all, is the versatility of fall fashion. Although I must admit, sometimes dressing for fall can be a bit tricky. Mornings might be a bit cool and afternoons warm. With that in mind I'm always on the lookout for pieces that can be worn across seasons. Especially for days like today. Today we were blessed with beautiful climate, with temperatures nearing the 80s. My kind of weather. But as I said, it's hard sometimes to know how to dress! 

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