Grateful. That is the word that will sum up this post. We are grateful for the restoration. We are grateful for the gift of life. You can't tell me that this right here isn't the result of a miracle performing God. We are grateful for those who stood by us during some of the most difficult times. We will never forget what we lost, but we thank God each day for our blessing. 


The time is moving so swiftly, but we wait patiently, with anticipation, to welcome our little one into the world. We are so grateful for the community that has surrounded us during this journey and look forward to seeing those same smiling faces to relieve us when we need it most :). 


For the shoot, we (well I guess I, my husband usually just obliges, lol) wanted a vintage feel, similar to what we did for our wedding (shocking).


Ya'll know how I feel about vintage pieces with a modern twist, so I had a lot of fun picking pieces for this shoot. Asos came through with pieces for both of us and they have really great prices on a variety of maternity items that suit many styles. 


Before I go, just wanted to highlight the styling I got to do for my husband. I mentioned in my last post that I don't get to style men as often, so I welcome the challenge! He's an easy client, letting me try a variety of textures and patterns. Hope ya'll enjoy. 


Can't thank Cthrulens enough for always being there to capture each important moment in our life. Go follow this dude, he is AMAZINGLY talented. Again, we are grateful for those who surround and pray for us. Looking forward to welcoming our gift soon. 



Photography: cthrulens

Styling + Makeup: sharlendipity

Dress: asos

Pillbox hat: Amazon

Pearls: Jcrew

Parasol: Amazon 

Shoes: Nine west

Blazer + Trousers + Shoes: asos

Shirt: H&M

Suspenders: Amazon