Restoration Story

It's been a year. One of those years where you can't seem to catch yourself. Where you feel like giving up and the things that you loved to do are now hard to do. It's been that kind of year for me...for my family. Yes, there have been good times but there have been some really tough days. 


I am a very private person. But I realize that sometimes sharing brings healing.  So here it goes. We lost our first child this year. By far one of the hardest things I've gone through. I've also lost loved ones this year, people truly dear to my heart. So I've had to take a step back. And process.


 One thing I've learned is that grief isn't linear.  And not everybody is willing to walk the journey with you, sometimes not even your closest family members or friends. And that has been hard. But my dear sister told me that just as long as you have a few, quality people to stand with you, to cry with you, and to go through all the ups and downs with you, you'll be okay. And I'm thankful I've found that in a few key people. People who literally every day have been there with me and for me...who don't judge the feelings I have. And I've had a lot. It's been a painful, and often very lonely process. But we weren't meant to exist alone.  My heart goes out to other mothers who have lost their dear children. This is definitely not a club in which you want to be a member, but I find comfort in knowing that even in those difficult times that there is a God who cares and will carry you through. So I pray for everyone who is feeling this type of grief, especially during Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. I pray you would find comfort and peace in your faith and in those closest to you. I didn't even plan to share these pictures but as I look back these really captured some of the emotions that I've had during this time. 


During my time away from it all, it was comforting to to know that people still cared about Sharlendipity. Even though I haven't shared with you, I've still had a chance to do some styling. It's my plan to share my summer styling sessions with you over the next couple weeks as we transition into the cooler months. 


Thank you all for your support and your patience with me. I pray you will all continue to walk this Sharlendipity journey with me and will come back and enjoy some of the styling sessions from the summer.  


Until then....


Makeup: Sharlendipity 

Headwrap: Gifted 

Top: Shein (Similar here)

Photography: Cthrulens