Shar Styles | Tam Sam

I had the pleasure to style this beauty for her 10 year wedding anniversary photoshoot and getaway in the beautiful city of Paris.  No, I didn't actually get to go to Paris, sigh, I just enjoyed the thought of it when I saw these awesome shots. 

As my most regular and consistent client, it is always a joy and a pleasure to work with Tam. When beginning to put items together, I always like to highlight the best assets a person has. Since Tam has many, this wasn't a difficult task! But the first thing that came to mind was...legs!!  She indicated that she wanted something soft, "flowy", and feminine. 

We initially planned for a pleated skirt by Asos, but the skirt was a bit long and did not quite fit as high on the waist as we wanted. Since there wasn't a ton of time for alterations, Tam found an alternative, which worked perfectly with the lace top that now has become a staple item in not only Tam's closet but mine as well. 

We knew we wanted a hat of some sort, a beret might have been the first choice but with all those beautiful curls, this hat worked perfectly! 

Her husband, as you can see, is no slacker :-). Super dapper dude.


You can see the love that these two have for each other radiating through each picture. Marriage is definitely a journey. Each has its ups and downs, valleys and peaks. But it's beautiful to see a couple, a young black one at that, remaining consistent and purposeful in their marriage. I wish this couple many many more years to come. And as we reflect today on the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. today, I'm reminded of one of his quotes, "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." 

Outfit Details 

Top: Shein  

Skirt: Shein 

Shoes: Shein

Hat: Charming Charlie 


Gloria Villa