Loc'd Love

Sometimes God gives us things we don't deserve and I can say that about the man in these pictures. He has been not only a pillar of strength but a great friend who supports me no matter what. About three weeks ago we celebrated another year of marriage and I am truly blessed by our union and the support that he has given me. He's an awesome man and I look forward to so many more years with him.

We (or maybe I) had fun coming up with a vintage theme for our photos and the vision was executed by our wonderful photographers. Check them out at www.cthrulens.com and www.capturetheidea.com. The props really added to the overall vision and I enjoyed finding pieces that would go with our 40s and 50s inspired theme. I incorporated a birdcage veil which can be seen in some of the close up pictures in addition to a vintage beaded collar. My husband's suspenders were polka dotted which tied in with my hairpiece and his tie. We had a lot of fun and hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did! Again, love hearing your feedback!

Photography: www.cthrulens.com and www.capturetheidea.com Styling: Sharlendipity