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Lessons from my 30s…

Y’all. Right after my birthday things got crazy busy. Wrapping up another academic year. Planning an intervention research project. Family stuff. An unexpected transition. Trying to revamp sharlendipity. Everything seemed to come to a head all at once…

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What’s your asset?

As a stylist, my goal is to highlight a client’s assets—helping her to use clothes to accentuate, not hide. But society makes it hard sometimes, eh? While much change has been made to the images that we see, and more and more curvy, full figured and women of color are being represented, women are still often bombarded with images of the ‘ideal’ body.

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Sharlendipity in Review...

Can you believe it's 2014? I'm still trying to figure out where December went, let alone 2013! It's been quite a while since I've been able to post and share with you all and it has been such a busy couple of months. One of my favorite things about the holidays, in addition to spending time with family and friends, is the time that I get to refocus, regroup, and prioritize things that are important. That also includes the things I enjoy...crafting, blogging, cooking...the list continues.

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