What’s your asset?

As a stylist, my goal is to highlight a client’s assets—helping her to use clothes to accentuate, not hide.


But society makes it hard sometimes, eh? While much change has been made to the images that we see, and more and more curvy, full figured and women of color are being represented, women are still often bombarded with images of the ‘ideal’ body. We are told not to show our curves, we are too tall to wear this, or too short, or we don’t have an hourglass shape, so this dress won’t work. We are told that if our hair isn’t straight, it doesn’t look professional or formal. While I understand and know that some cuts and silhouettes look better on some body shapes, how often do we take time to focus on what we like about ourselves, or our assets?


I've always felt my asset is my lower body. But for so long I covered up my hips because I was told to. So much so, that when I’ve worn fitted jeans AND a fitted top, my closest friends have been like, “wait where did those come from?” 🤣. Now I’m not saying to go rouge and show all your goods, lol, but focusing on your asset is a huge step in dressing in a way that makes you feel your best. Often, because of changes in our body, be it weight gain or not liking a certain feature, we tend to wear clothes that actually draw more attention to the very things we are trying to hide.


So my challenge to you is this—take a few moments this week and look through some of your own pictures and tell me, what is your asset? Ignore what you don’t like, or want to change, just focus on what stands out that you like, in your pictures. Go, have fun with it!


Once you determine that, it’s time to take some fashion risks. One thing you’ve heard me talk about is mixing pattens, which I also covered in a previous post. I tend to do so subtly, looking for common colors or similarities in patterns from which to draw.


So, tell, me what did you discover? What risks will you take this month? I’d love to hear all about what you discovered as your asset and how you will use that asset as you put together outfits.

Photography: cthrulens

Outfit Details

Blazer: Thrifted

Shirt: H&M (Similar here)

Skirt: Jcrew (Sold out) (Similar here)

Shoes: Modcloth

Accessories: Thrifted